My Chosen Verse – Ramadan series update

Over the first ten days of Ramadan 2021, our new series My Chosen Verse – where personalities present a verse or verses that have a particular meaning to them – was opened by broadcaster Lauren Booth who chose three verses that had a great impact on her, about the Signs of Allah in His Creation, followed by community worker former President of Islamic Society of North America, Dr Altaf Husain, about caring for others for the sake of Allah. He was followed by Leila Aboulela, the internationally acclaimed author, who spoke about love and relationships in Islam; journalist and author Yvonne Ridley, spoke about the compatibility of democracy with Islamic principles; renowned author Ahmad Thomson emphasised the Subtle, Gentle nature of Allah through His Name Al-Lateef; and Harfiyah Haleem co-director of IFEES/EcoIslam, on how Allah tells us to respond to evil with something better.

Please go to our YouTube channel (Playlist: My Chosen Verse) to see the 20+ contributions, above are only but a selection of the first few ones.